Recorded Conference Sessions

Welcome and Setting the Agenda: Is the U.S. in Danger of Democratic Deterioration?
Introduction and Welcome by Kim Weeden (Director, Center for the Study of Inequality, Cornell) and Suzanne Mettler (Cornell)

Setting The Agenda: Is the U.S. in Danger of Democratic Deterioration?
Chair: Lee Drutman (New America); Presenters: Kenneth Roberts (Cornell), Tom Pepinsky (Cornell), Suzanne Mettler (Cornell), Rick Valelly (Swarthmore), Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins); Discussant: Didi Kuo (Stanford)

Institutions and Separation of Powers
Chair: Robert Mickey (University of Michigan); Presenters: Frances Lee (University of Maryland), Keith Whittington (Princeton), John DiIulio (UPenn), and Sidney Milkis (UVA); Discussant: Kenneth Roberts (Cornell)

Keynote Address by E.J. Dionne
Keynote Address by E.J. Dionne (The Washington Post, Brookings Institute) with an introduction by Rick Valelly (Swarthmore)

Presidency and National Security
Chair: Daniel Stid (Hewlett Foundation), Presenters: Eliot Cohen (SAIS, Johns Hopkins), Larry Jacobs (University of Minnesota); Kori Schake (AFFILIATION); Discussant: Valerie Bunce (Cornell)

Linkages between Citizens and Government
Chair: Tom Pepinsky (Cornell); Presenters: Lee Drutman (New America) Matthew Levendusky (UPenn), Daniel Gillion (UPenn); Discussant: Nicholas van de Walle (Cornell)

Inequality and Institutions
Chair: Kimberley Johnson (New York University); Presenters: Desmond King (Oxford) and Rogers Smith (University of Pennsylvania), Robert Kuttner (Co-Founder and Co-Editor, American Prospect), David Brian Robertson (University of Missouri – St Louis); Discussant: Paul Pierson (UC – Berkeley)

Keynote Address by Jennifer Rubin
Keynote Address by Jennifer Rubin (The Washington Post) with an introduction by Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins)

Organizations, Political Parties, and Change
Chair: Sidney Tarrow (Cornell); Presenters: Theda Skocpol (Harvard), Daniel Schlozman (Johns Hopkins), Christina Wolbrecht (Notre Dame); Discussant: Steven Levitsky (Harvard)

Media and Higher Education Roundtable
Chair: Norman Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute); Presenters: Jamelle Bouie (Slate), Christian Caryl (The Washington Post), Paul Glastris (Washington Monthly), Gretchen Ritter (Cornell), Sabrina Tavernise (New York Times)

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