Welcome to the American Democracy Collaborative. We are a group of scholars of American political development and comparative politics who have come together to examine the state of democracy in the United States today. Political scientists have been concerned for some time about trends that weaken American democracy, including rising economic inequality, growing polarization, resurgent racism or nativism, and escalating executive power. Few worried seriously, however, about the prospect of severe deterioration of democracy, never mind regime change, until the historic 2016 election, and the ascendance of a candidate –and now president—who openly violates democratic norms. More disturbing, these developments have brought into bold relief a confluence of threats to American democracy that will likely persist well beyond the current presidency. We convened our group early in 2017, aiming to integrate insights from previous crises in American political history with understanding of the conditions that have threatened democracies around the world. We aim to foster discussion and writing around these topics and to provide materials that are useful for teachers, journalists, and citizens. No other up-and-running working group on the present crisis of American politics combines these disciplinary perspectives–as focused equally on historical experience at home and the comparative experience from abroad.